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Tel Aviv Car Ramming and Stabbing Attack: 8 Wounded, Palestinian Assailant Shot Dead

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Photo By: Magen David Adom

Eight people were wounded in a car ramming and stabbing attack in northern Tel Aviv on Tuesday afternoon. The assailant, a 23-year-old Palestinian from the West Bank who was in Israel on a medical permit, was shot dead by a civilian at the scene.

MDA Spokesperson:

At 13:08, a report was received at MDA’s 101 call center in the Dan region about a number of people injured on Pinchas Rosen Street in Tel Aviv. Initial report only !!! MDA EMTs and paramedics are providing medical treatment to casualties at the scene.

MDA EMTs and paramedics are providing medical treatment and evacuating injured to the Meir, Beilinson and Ichilov hospitals: a 46-year-old woman in serious condition with multiple systemic injuries, 2 victims in their 30s in moderate condition with body injuries and 2 in light condition.

MDA EMT Alon Shonim:

“We arrived at the scene with Intensive care and BLS ambulances. We saw that it was a very serious scene, and 5 injured people were lying near a bus stop, a 46-year-old woman was lying on the sidewalk while she was conscious and suffering from multi-system damage, 4 other injured people in their 30s were moderately and lightly injured and were taken to the hospital in an MDA intensive care ambulance.”

Footage shared on social media showed the assailant dead at the scene. After running people over, the terrorist got out of the vehicle and reportedly managed to stab one of the victims in the neck. A civilian at the scene shot the terrorist.

Israel’s Shin Bet reveals terrorist’s identity

“The attacker who carried out the car-ramming and stabbing attack in Tel Aviv is Abdul Wahab Halayleh, 20 years old, a Palestinian resident of Samu’a (southern Hebron), without a previous security background, without a permit to enter Israel,” the Shin Bet statement says.

This means that the attacker entered Israel illegally. He was previously mistaken for his brother Hossein. According to the Shin Bet, the terrorist was carrying another person’s ID.

Hamas spokesperson Hazem Kassem said in response to the attack “The heroic action in Tel Aviv is the first response to Israel’s crimes against our people in the Jenin refugee camp. As the Palestinian resistance has already put it – Israel will pay the price for its crimes.”

A senior official from Islamic Jihad, Khaled Al-Batsh, also praised the attack as “an initial and natural response of the resistance towards what is happening in Jenin,” although he stopped short of claiming responsibility.

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