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Georgia Thwarts Iranian-Led Attempt to Kill Israeli Businessman in Capital

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As a result of the operational-search and investigative actions, persons with Pakistani and dual Iranian-Georgian citizenship are detained. Organizers living abroad have been identified, among them are an Iranian citizen who ordered the killing and other participants, against whom complex operational-search actions are being conducted.

Investigation established that a Pakistani citizen engaged in the criminal group was sent to Georgia by the same group, who was tasked with killing an Israeli citizen in Georgia.

Before arriving in Georgia, the Pakistani citizen was given the necessary instruction and information about the target. Later, the mentioned person, through a third country, arrived in Georgia, where he was provided with a rented apartment and was given the means of conspiracy connection.

After arriving in Georgia, the Pakistani citizen strictly followed the conspiracy rules and carried out a secret study of the target and his movements, was in constant conspiratorial contact with the client abroad and received instructions and funds from him.

In addition, it was established that in order to secretly deliver weapons to the perpetrator, a group of persons with dual Iranian-Georgian citizenship living in Georgia was involved in the case by the criminal group.

In order to cover the tracks, there were no direct meetings between the persons with dual Iranian-Georgian citizenship and the transfer of firearms and ammunition was carried out using hideouts arranged in the city, during which the work of both groups was coordinated from abroad.

As a result of investigative actions and searches conducted against persons with dual Iranian-Georgian citizenship, firearms and ammunition were seized, as well as conspiratorial phones, in which information showing the preparation of killing, the location of hiding places and other revealing evidences were found.

In the process of operational and investigative activities, other persons participating in and facilitating the crime are being detected and identified.

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