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Ukraine war: Romania reveals Russian drone parts hit its territory

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President Klaus Iohannis on Wednesday stated that he was “immediately” informed by the Ministry of National Defence of the discovery of certain components that are likely to come from a drone on the Romanian soil.

“Before talking about the Summit, I want to refer to the latest information regarding the identification, by the Ministry of Defence, on the territory of Romania, near the border with Ukraine, of some components that could have belonged to a drone. I was immediately informed by the Ministry of Defence when the discovery was made and we requested an urgent and professional investigation into the origin of these components, as well as the moment and circumstances in which they arrived on Romanian territory,” stated President Klaus Iohannis, at the opening of the Summit of the Three Initiative Big.

Iohannis said that: Regarding the breaking information of the Ministry of Defense regarding the identification on the territory of Romania, close to the border with Ukraine, of components that could be from a drone, we requested an urgent and professional investigation of the origin of these components, as well as the time and circumstances in which ones arrived on the territory of Romania.

If it is confirmed that these elements come from a Russian drone, such a situation would be completely unacceptable and a serious violation of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Romania, a NATO allied state.

As I said before, these attacks on Ukrainian civil infrastructure, which are war crimes, take place at a very short distance from the Romanian border. However, we are alert and in permanent contact with the other NATO allies.

I repeat it, we are very well defended within NATO, and Romania benefits from extremely strong security guarantees, the strongest in our history.,” said the head of the state.

President Iohannis showed that the attacks on the Ukrainian civil infrastructure are war crimes and happen very close to the Romanian border.

“We remain vigilant and in permanent touch with the other NATO allies,” said Iohannis.

He underscored that as part of NATO “we are very well defended and that Romania benefits from very strong security guarantees, the strongest in our history.”

The Minister of National Defense, Angel Tîlvăr, traveled today, September 6th, to the localities of Ceatalchioi and Chilia Veche in Tulcea County, where he had discussions with the citizens and local authorities in the vicinity of the attacks carried out by the Russian Federation on the Ukraine Danube port civil infrastructure, about the issues they faced on the last days. minister Tîlvăr has planned to visit Galați city, also.

The team led by the Minister of National Defense, which included the Chief of the Defense Staff, General Daniel Petrescu, and the Chief of the Air Force Staff, Lieutenant General Viorel Pană, gathered information about the specific situation in the visited areas and informed local authorities that additional measures will be taken to strengthen the monitoring and security capabilities of Romania’s airspace at its borders.

The Ministry of National Defense (MApN) team also visited the vicinity of the village of Plauru, where the investigative teams of the MApN discovered, on the evening of September 5th, elements that could be associated with drone fragments. Specialists sent by MApN to the scene collected samples that will undergo technical expertise to determine their origin and characteristics.

The conclusions drawn by MApN specialists following the completion of the investigations will be communicated to the public with the utmost rapidity.

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