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Eight Palestinians killed, dozens injured, many critical, in the ongoing Israeli military assault on Jenin

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Eight Palestinians were so far killed and 50 were injured, 10 of them critically, in the ongoing large-scale Israeli air and land assault on the northern West Bank city of Jenin, according to medical and local sources.

The Ministry of Health and Jenin hospitals said in their latest update on the Palestinian casualties of the Israeli assault that eight Palestinians were killed, three of them killed in airstrikes, while the number is expected to rise in light of the many who were critically wounded in the assault.

Four of those killed were identified as Samih Firas Abu al-Wafa, Husam Mohammad Abu Deibeh, and Aws al-Hanoun, all three were shot in the chest, and Nour Eddin Husam Marshoud, was shot in the head.

The army started after midnight a major assault on Jenin, starting with airstrikes before dozens of military vehicles and several hundred soldiers raided the city, concentrating on its refugee camp.

The army bulldozers destroyed several streets in the camp to prevent the movement of cars and ambulances, said local sources.

Statement by Defense Minister Yoav Gallant on Overnight Operation in Jenin

“Over the past hours, our security forces have been operating against terror hotspots in the city of Jenin. In the face of terrorism, we will take a proactive and decisive approach. Anyone who harms the citizens of Israel, will pay a heavy price.

We are closely watching the actions of our enemies and Israel’s defense establishment is prepared for every scenario. I commend the IDF and ISA for their determination and operations.”

One thousand elite Israeli troops launch air-supported anti-terror operation in Jenin

Targeting Palestinian terrorist command centers in Jenin, the “House and Garden” operation was launched on Monday, July 3, by a thousand elite commando, paratroop and Golani troops, with substantial aerial support. Its mission: to stem the systematic campaign of lethal violence orchestrated in past months from this northern Samaria town. The force’s first target was the consolidated war room shared by the various terrorist factions and the “Jenin Brigade” at the local refugee camp. This crucial location served as a hub for armed terrorists to get together before and after attacks; it was where they picked up their firearms and explosive devices and served as their communication center. It was there that in the past two months, wanted terrorists hunted for deadly attacks went to ground.

The crux of terrorist operations in the northern West Bank, the Jenin command center, was located nearby a medical clinic and two schools, one of them run by UNWRA. Just before the IDF operation, Palestinian Authority police personnel were advised to leave Jenin.

Israel’s air defenses are on high alert, especially in the south. However, the terrorist organizations based in the Gaza Strip are expected to stay out of the Jenin confrontation so long as it remains under control. The commanders of the House and Garden operation are OC Central Command Maj. Gen Yehuda Fuchs and chief of the Judea and Samara Division, Brig.-|Gen Avi Balut.

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